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Peachy eats the same thing for breakfast everyday.

Other than when out of town or on vacation a few times out of the year, it is the same porridge day in and day out.

Perhaps you're thinking what good is that?!

No matter how healthy it is, she'll still miss out on the nutrients that other food provide! Peachy teaches...'variety is one of the keys'... so why is she eating the same stuff every single day? This breakfast porridge is not as simple as you think. To make this breakfast food, it takes a good amount of diligence and dedication. Sometimes it even gets strategical.

First of all, there are 10 carefully selected organic ingredients (blueberries not included in bags for sale). Each one was chosen for its health benefits.

Peachy gets a little serious about her nutrient intake, making sure that nothing is left out, every body part and function is protected and maintained.

Every morning she pulls out 10 packages of stuff, adds a little bit of each of the 10 ingredients in a one quart stainless steel pot, then adds vanilla almond milk, coconut milk, organic soy, 7 Grain milk and rice milk, covers with a lid, cooks on low and gets ready for the day. She then pours it in a glass jar and drinks it in the car on the way to work or play.

Until one day, daughter Brittany asks if she could take a batch with her to work and will add milk and just nook it at work.

This was when the porridge mixture was developed. Peachy had to measure it out for her so she can take a nice size tub-full with her. At first a few co workers asked to have a batch made for them.......and there you have it. I guess they like the taste!

The Organic Ingredients of Peachy's Power Porridge and its Health Benefits Whole rolled oats contains the fiber beta glucan, a soluble fiber which helps bind excess cholesterol and deters it from absorption. It slows down absorption of glucose, therefor helps with blood sugar control. Beta glycan is an immuno-modulator (makes the immune system more efficient at fighting off or killing enemies like virus, bacteria, cancer). Oats, known for 'sticking to the ribs' is quite filling thus aids in weight control. Peachy ate it growing up......nostalgic too. Oat bran Excellent source of B vitamins, high in protein and fiber and low in carbs. Rich in Selenium and other powerful antioxidants. Ground Flax Cardio protective due to its high omega 3 fatty acid content, which helps increase blood HDL levels The so-caled good cholesterol). It helps regulate and protects the blood vessels; It is cancer protective due to its high antioxidant content. Promotes digestive health as well as healthful for the hair, skin and nails. High in fiber, thiamin (vitamin B1), magnesium and manganese. Hemp hearts A protein power house, a great source of essential fatty acids for cell membrane strength and to keep toxins out, thus a natural cleanser. Helps the liver with detoxifying and in alleviating chronic inflammation. Also an excellent source of fiber. Maca powder from a root belonging to the cruciferous family, from the Andes mountains. A natural anti oxidant and boosts glutathione levels (the master anti oxidant). An immune system and energy booster; promotes hormone balance, thus improves PMS and PCOS symptoms. Athletes use this for peak performance; improves stamina, memory and ability to focus; known to improve mood swings and anxiety. Rich in vitamin B and vitamins C, and E. Provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. May help with skin issues and get rid of blemishes.

Chia seeds . "Chia" means strength, and folklore has it that ancient cultures used the tiny black and white seeds as an energy booster. That makes sense, as chia seeds are a concentrated food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. May help stabilize blood glucose; Contains high of fiber; Rich in antioxidants and minerals.

Ground Cloves The essential oil of cloves possess many medicinal properties dating back to the Ancient Chinese era and ancient Rome. It has been used as an antiseptic, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral analgesic. Known to stimulate the mind and eases gastrointestinal issues. The medical community is interested in cloves for its chemo protective or anti carcinogenic properties. Its high antioxidant content protects the cells from free radical attacks; it contains isoflavones and flavonoids which may help preserve bone density. Ground Cardamom This peppery and citrusy ancient spice has made it's way to modern medicine; To help counteract digestive problems, for detox

and to soothe symptoms of colds and flu. Cardamom prevents platelet aggregation, thus preventing blood clots from sticking to the arterial walls; Many of the essential oils in cardamom act as antioxidants, protecting the cells from aging and inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungus and cancer cells (in animal studies). Cinnamon Antimicrobial and anti inflammatory. Contains a load of OPC's a super powerful anti oxidant! Organic Palm Sugar Sweet and yummy, makes some unpalatable but wholesome stuff, really great tasting. Dried wild blueberries (op

tional, but Peachy has it in her batch)

You can order it here.


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