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Nutrition Counseling
In Person or Video Conference

The main goal of nutrition counseling is to educate our clients on foods and nutrition and to help them develop and maintain health-awareness as well as health related behaviors and skills for independent and competent self-care.

The client will be assisted in setting individual and realistic goals. Information is provided to help them incorporate good nutrition practices into their lifestyle and to eventually eliminate or control the specific health concern.

Topics of Nutrition Counseling includes:

  1. Weight control and Weight management

  2. Auto Immune Disease: Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Graves, Thyroid disease

  3. Fitness, Exercise and Stress connection

  4. Immune Support

  5. Type 2 Diabetes

  6. Nutritional implications in Diseases:Diabetes

  7. Cardiovascular and Heart Disease

  8. Liver and Kidney disease

  9. Hypertension

  10. Gastrointestinal Conditions

  11. Fibromyalgia, PCOS, Chronic Fatigue

  12. Insulin Resistance

  13. Nutritional Supplementation

  14. Vitamin and Antioxidant Therapy

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Schedule your nutrition counseling directly with Peachy Seiden.
Call  513-315-3943 or email

PEACHY SEIDEN is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian with a Private Nutrition Consulting Practice. She counsels clients on weight loss and weight maintenance, health and nutrition and disease prevention. 

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