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What supplements do you need?

We strive to do the very best we can to help our bodies obtain optimal health. In this day and age however, eating the right foods and balancing it with the proper exercises sometimes is not enough.

Our lifestyle is so fast-paced, and often our job/work and obligations create a stressful jungle. The daily mental pressures compounded with the bountiful and readily available refined and highly processed foods, that we conscientiously want to avoid but accidentally eat due to lack of time to prepare our meals, sets a perfect stage for nutrient deficiencies which could lead to various chronic diseases.

The nutrient dietary reference intake (DRI) and recommended dietary allowances (RDA) that is used as a general guide line for 98 percent of our population, is provided by our government with the intentions of preventing deficiency diseases.

For example: Take the DRI for Vitamin C to prevent scurvy, Thiamin to prevent pellagra, Vitamin A to prevent night blindness. The DRIs have little to do with optimum health recommendations. In addition, our soil and thus its produce is not only nutrient deficient but also contains harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Many research have shown and suggest that certain nutrients can lower the risks for chronic diseases such as: cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia and osteoporosis. Antioxidants, along with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D may help reduce the risk for certain cancers. It's been extensively studied that vitamin B complex can help lower blood homocysteine levels, which when elevated is associated with risk for certain neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease and stoke.

All of the above mentioned, including the fact that we are all different with varying degrees of nutrient requirements and biochemical make up, when asked the question "should I be taking nutritional supplements?", my answer is "Yes".

For many years, I have researched and tried various nutritional supplement producers in the market. There are but a handful of companies that follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that produce superior products using superior and pure ingredients. Douglas Laboratories and Juice Plus are some of the few.

I have been taking both Douglas Labs supplements and Juice Plus for many years, (and so do my family).

This is what I recommend to my clients and patients when they ask for supplement suggestions: Peachy's personal supplements:

  • Juice Plus Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blend (Whole Fruits , veggies and Berries) daily

  • Ultra Preventive X every other day

  • Ultra Joint Forte 1, daily

  • Quell (fish oil) with Vit D, 1 daily

  • Brain Memory, 1 every other day

  • Resveratrol, 1 every other day

Stop by my online store to find out how you can get these supplements.


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