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Health Smart Sliders
Whole Turkey Breast Cooked Itself!!
Peachy will answer your Health, Cooking, Nutrition questions
Recipe Revamping by Peachy
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Recipe Revamping by Peachy
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Health Smart Sliders

What a fun time tonight at Meyerson JCC, making these turkey sliders!
The YP's (Young Professionals) had a fill of these sliders made with onions, herbs, olive oil and oats. Yes! Rolled oats and oat bran, both!
Not only was it low cal (we serve them on zucchini slices as the "bun"), it's packed with fiber.
Uh-huh, no bun needed. The oatmeal gives us the good carbs.
It's in there!

Of course, served with all the condiments and arugula or spinach, sliced onions and grape tomatoes makes it complete.

Whole Turkey Breast Cooked Itself!!

I put a whole turkey breast in my 16 quart stainless steel pot, added a whole onion, 4 carrot sliced, garlic, herbs, spices, Worcestershire sauce, put the lid on and set stove on low heat, left to play tennis, met girlfriend Marcie at peach house, made healthsmart turkey sliders, delivered them to another girlfriend's house, came home, added potatoes and whole cauliflower to the pot, covered again for 30 minutes, and here it is!!
Nice Sunday!!

Peachy will answer your Health, Cooking, Nutrition questions

Hello everyone.
Due to projects that needed much attention, I haven't communicated with you in a while.

I am glad to say...I'm back!

Please feel free to ask questions regarding cooking, health and wellness, disease prevention, nutrition therapy, etc.
I will be more than happy to answer your question or address an issue.

OurHealth Smart CookingClasses gets pretty full each time. If you're not able to attend a class (that you really wanted to attend because you like the menu) but it got full or due to a schedule conflict, please send me a post so I can repeat the class.

Recipe Revamping by Peachy

Do you have a recipe that belongs to Aunt Luisa or Grandma Bertha??
Send it to me and I will surely revamp it to make it lower in calories per serving, lower in saturated fat (our main foe), make it nutrient dense with additional antioxidants and still keep the same deliciousness that you loved!!
I'm ready anytime!

Menu Suggestions

Hello there everyone,
I really would like to have some input from you all. The menus and recipes that I have created are proven Delish and of course Healthy for us all, however, I know that some of you have preferences. I would take any suggestion you have. Let me know if there's anything you would like to learn how to cook. I will develop a healthy recipe for it. Thanks guys!!
I hope I hear from you

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