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Tai chi is a gentle and relaxing way to exercise and get in shape. This form of exercise is not jarring on the joints therefore very minimal pressure is put on the joints and muscles. Tai Chi has been proven to be a great exercise for stress reduction, mind and body health promotion and disease prevention. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan involves the mind, muscle strength and flexibility and total balance. One becomes more alert and relaxed at the same time. Personally I feel more nimble and lighter on my feet.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Through posture practice, breathing and meditation exercises, the body, mind and spirit come together in harmony. The practice of yoga has immense mind-body benefits for a balanced state of well being.

Qi Gong practices integrates posture and breathing techniques and mental focus. These classes adapt soft, gentle movements and can be practiced by all age groups, to help reduce stress, improve stamina and increase energy awareness and flow. The regular practice of Qi Gong helps maintain health, hasten healing, calms the mind and encourages positive outlook on life. Plus, it is so enjoyable!  

This beginner's Yoga class is recommended for those who want to slowly increase their strength and gradually improve flexibility.  This class is aimed for the beginner who want to apply yoga posture at the most basic level.  It is also a cleansing practice which can be very effective in addressing various disorders.  We will incorporate different yoga positions and work on all the different joints of body, 
which can  increasing one's lubrication of the tendons, joints and ligaments.
It is concluded with tension relieving meditation.

BEGINNER'S DYNAMIC QI GONG- Tai Chi- Yoga Combo (1.5 hour class)
Qi Gong is the practice of working with life energy and learning how to control its flow to improve the health and harmony of the mind and body. It is a holistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation using self-massage, breathing techniques and obvious movements.
Dynamic Qi Gong includes body movements from one posture to another. It is active (yang) yet it is yin (passive) as well as the mind is quiet, peaceful and tranquil while paying attention to the breath and the flow of qi.
It is concluded with meditation and tea ceremony.

Class Schedule
Saturdays     9-10:30 am
Sundays       12-1:30 pm

$15  per class

75 Minute Private Classes available 1-4 people, pick your day and time
Cost: $15 per person
Please email Peachy at
or send a text message at :513-315-3943

Comfortable, more fitting clothing.
Please bring your mat.

Location  7400 Montgomery Road
(the peach colored house on Montgomery Road!)

Qi Gong-Yoga -Tai Chi Combo Class
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