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Nutrition 101 (6 Series)


Mango, Peachy's favorite fruit, high in probiotic fiber and rich in protective flvonoids

Nutrition Education (or the lack of it) has become a very relevant topic in our social climate due to the alarming increase in obesity rates both in adults and in children. This problem results in the development of serious health problems that currently plague our nation (Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer and more).

Learning about healthy nutritional practices and the development of choices have positive implications in a person's physical as well as mental well being and must therefore begin early in a child's life.

Without adequate health and nutritional guidance, children are more susceptible to long lasting poor eating habits that often lead to serious health risks and the development of chronic diseases.

These same children with little or insufficient nutrition knowledge turn into adults with poor eating habits and surmounting health problems that are then passed on to their children....this cycle of course continues on....but we can stop this...

Nutrition is an ongoing science of continuous research. New and additional information and literature are the result of these ongoing studies. A responsible health care practitioner studies the current research and ensures that the distributed information are not only sound and current but exemplary as well as ethical.

The Nutrition classes (and information ) offered and provided at Peachy's Health Smart is taught by Peachy Seiden, a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. She stays abreast of current and most important research regarding health and nutrition.

In addition, Peachy Seiden in involved in academic endeavors relating to health, nutrition and education.

Peachy Seiden will guide the attendee on:

  • Basic Nutrition Science: Carbohydrates, Lipids , Proteins, Energy balance, Digestion and Metabolism, Vitamins and Minerals, Fiber
  • Management of health problems through good nutrition; Alkalinity and blood acidity
  • Understanding the process of disease prevention through the proper balance of nutrients
  • Whether or not nutritional supplementation is needed
  • The facts regarding food labels and health claims
  • Food Safety, From Farm to Fork
  • Food selection, organic vs conventionally farmed/raised products
  • Foundations for a healthy future: Pregnancy and Early childhood
  • Developing a sound and practical nutritional plan
  • Quick and simple ways to create healthy meals and snacks

Coconut, a functional food, rich in vitamins and minerals and possessing numerous healing properties

Next Series of Classes: Saturdays

Class time : 2:30-4 PM

Next class begins on Wednesday,

January 12, 2019

Reservations Required

Email us: [email protected]

Series 1

Science of Nutrition: Carbohydrates' roles, It's link to

Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.

Fat content of foods, Good Lipids functions and and health;

Protein structure and function.

Protein imbalance; Digestion, absorption, metabolism; Gluten clarification

Energy balance 

Series 2

Nutrition and the disease process, Management and Prevention

of Diseases

through good nutrition.

Brain Health: Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Prevention, Bone health

Blood Acidity and Alkalinity

Implementation of nutritional supplements

Benefits of Vegetarianism

Series 3

Reading Food Labels, Food Safety & Sanitation,

Proper Food Selection:

Organic or Conventionally Farmed Foods,

Supplementation: Clarification of many confusing information

Osteoporosis Prevention

Nutrition Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle

Series 4

Nutrition and Pregnancy; Children's Nutrition;

Raising Healthy Kids;

Common food allergens and its prevention through nutrition

Granola Making and Snack Bars To-Go 

Series 5

Healthy Meal Planning and Shopping for you and your family:

Recipe Developing

Creating Healthy Meals on a WHIM,

Food Preparation Demo

Series 6

Stress Management

Fitness and exercise;

Power drinks To-Go (Raw Food Juicing & Smoothie Making!)

Principles of: Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong 

NEXT SERIES BEGINS: Saturdays, January 12, 2019

Cost: $100 for 6 class series

Nutrition 101

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