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HealthSmart Meals 'TO GO'

If you're a busy individual and rarely have time to plan a meal, much less cook it too, and are truly concerned about your health and your family's nutrition, Peachy prepares  2 wholesome items,  2 or 3 times a week available for a quick pick up on your way home.

Meals TO GO are usually available for pick up on Tuesday and every other Thursday from 4-6 PM. 
You will receive an email reminder 1 or 2 days prior.
Peachy specializes not only on healthy but on delicious meals.

Both dishes are meant to be eaten together but you may order only one item if you wish.
What ever Peachy cooks, it's SAFE to eat!  No worries! She won't pack the fat and calories in and will make certain that you get your fill of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. 

To be added to the "What's Cooking??" reminder, please send us your email address below.

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Questions? email Peachy at:

Peachy only cooks healthy meals!
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