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Hands-on Group Healthy Cooking Classes 
(for birthday parties, school project, learning clubs, etc)
for our High School Group  (Ages 14- 17)
       Most of us are aware of the obesity rate in our young adult and adolescent population. Although it has shown some improvement since 2006, the obesity rate among teenagers is at 24%(1 in 4 teenagers) and has tripled since the early 70's. 
      The main causes of obesity are: decreased activity and poor eating habits which are compounded by the increased availability of fast foods and ready made processed meals.
      Obesity has troublesome immediate health effects such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and blood sugar which predisposes the youngster to prediabetes. Obesity also increase the risks for bone and joint issues.  In addition social and psychological problems are also linked to obesity. 
       Some long-term effects of obesity are related to increased risk for developing chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. We want to definitely prevent all these from happening. 
       The CDC reported that it will cost a family approximately $550,000 for an obese 18 year old to remain obese in adulthood.  Americans already spend close to $33 billion a year on products and regimen. 
       Our schools provide insufficient nutrition education in high school. It is not a usual part of the school curriculum.Although school's lunch programs have improved tremendously and are offering healthier choices, there is still a great lack of proper nutrition education.  
       In all my cooking classes, the attendees not only learn to prepare and cook healthy meals, they will understand why it is so important that the 'healthy' way is the right path to pursue. From me, they will received excellent nutrition information and advice.  I promise!
Peachy Seiden, MS, RD    
Cost: $45 per person
Please register each person, up to 6 persons.

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