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Our system's health care, environmental exposure and people's behavior and lifestyle are the three (3) main determinants of health. 
With regards to healthcare insurance or coverage, there is not much help I can offer in improving someone's health. Although not impossible, the environment is difficult to control. However its negative health impact may be diminished with relevant health education. 
Higher income and educational levels provide individuals with better access to health coverage and preventive health care services.
Poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle which both have a negative effect on an individual's health status has been linked to lack of health and nutrition education.

Peachy offers free monthly nutrition education group classes for those individuals with limited resources and less access to the guidance of a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist.

Health and Nutrition Counseling includes:
Lifestyle & Motivational Weight Loss
Disease Prevention
Meal Planning and cost control
Cooking tips and recipe revamping
Nutrition for the whole family
Your questions and health concerns will be addressed

When: Once a month on a Saturday
Time: 2:30-4:00 PM
Where: 7400 Montgomery Road (the peach-colored house) 
Next class: Saturday, August 25, 2018
Email Peachy at:

Peachy's Seminar to Raise Funds 
Catholic Inner city School's Education, CISE
Saint Gertrude's Parish
Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish 
Retired Religious Fund
St Jude Children's Research Hospital
All parishes depend largely on member contributions.
So does St Vincent Ferrer Parish and St. Gertrude's Parish.
In addition, the elder sisters and religious order priests past age 70 will also benefit from these seminars with your tax deductible contributions.
Conducting Nutrition Wellness Seminars is a way raise to funds for the above causes.
The requested but not required, participation fee is $20 per person (there is no limit to what you want to give or just give what you can afford).

All proceeds will benefit:
St Gertrude's Parish, St Vincent Ferrer Parish, the Retirement Fund for the Religious and CISE

If you are affiliated an organization who may need funding. please email Peachy Seiden, at, your organization may be included in receiving funding from these Health and Nutrition Seminars.

 Health and Nutrition Seminar  TOPIC
  Fund Recipient
 August 25, 2018
 2:30-4 PM
 Managing Chronic Aches: Joint  Pain,    Arthritis,  Head aches, Muscle aches
 Retired Catholic  Religious
 Sept 15, 2018
 2:30-4 PM
 Pre-Diabetes Fatty Liver,
 Type 2 Diabetes: Management, Reversal 
  and Prevention

Free Health and Nutrition Seminar Event for Charity
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FREE Lifestyle and Motivational
Weight Loss Classes
Every First Sunday of the month (unless specified)

Next class Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017
                  Time: 2:30-3 PP

If attending, please send email message to Peachy at:

or send text message to:

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