PEACHY'S HEALTH SMART  - Nutrition Counseling/Health Seminars/Cooking Classes/Meals To Go
Eat right, , look and feel  good!


A comprehensive program that will direct you to a healthy lifestyle, which will ultimately help maintain the desired weight loss and prevent recurring weight gain.

Classes are offered for 8 consecutive weeks 
(unless specified)  
Current series started on:   October 27th - December 15th, 2015
                                   Tuesdays, 5:30-7 PM 

Next series begins: TBA
Groups: 10-20 attendees.

Interactions with other attendees are highly recommended.

Weekly weigh-ins and anthropometric measurements are recorded.

Keeping Food and Activity Journals are expected from attendee.

A Medical history and current Lipid profile will be helpful to the Nutritionist-Dietitian.

Handouts will be provided and you may be required to answer some questionnaires.

Program Content

  • Basic concepts of Nutrition
  • Nutritional assessment to help customize a weight loss program for your success.
  • Weight and lifestyle management plan
  • Disease risk factors associated with Obesity; Benefits of weight loss
  • Disease prevention and strengthening immunity
  • Principles of nutrition, exercise and metabolism
  • Healthful food choices, smart shopping and tips on dining out
  • Motivational strategy and behavior modification
  • Healthy cooking, revamping and nutritious recipes provided
  • Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong exercises are recommended and will be demonstrated

For ease and your convenience, Peachy will work with you, if you have to miss a class.
Seating is limited, first come first served. 
Cost: $180 per person for 8 weeks

or  $240 for 8 weeks (per Couple, yes! for 2 people, you and your motivator buddy)

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